We create opportunities to reimagine chapters of our story

Through the lens of education & leadership. We want children to have the agency & choice to become the narrators, instead of the pen.

Our committee of management members identify as women and come from migrant backgrounds. Often, we are reminded of the freedoms we enjoy in Australia and how would lives would look vastly different if our parents had not had the means to migrate in pursuit of a better life for us all. At the intersection of imagination and yearning to do more is where the seeds of Full Circle were planted.

We partner with institutions who work with children living within unequal systems and communities to design opportunities that can enable them to thrive and overcome obstacles. We place children at the centre of our thinking and hold their needs at the core of our vision.

We invite you to join us in enabling this change. It is through likeminded hearts and minds connecting together that we can stand on shoulders and reach children that are hidden in shadows in the far corners of our world.

Our Social Impact

Our concept provides an curated leadership program to be developed around the needs of students and the eco-system in which they exist.

We co-create a curriculum that provides opportunities for students to strengthen their capacity to become future leaders in all that they choose to embark upon in their future.