We give you the platform & opportunity to self-advocate

The Full Circle Leadership Academy is a unique proposition that is built around the needs of the student, their community and the eco-system in which they live.

We partner with schools through a fully immersive human centred design framework. This ensures that the program is created to address pain points and opportunities that may exist in each community.

We empower schools and teachers to deliver their own content and we offer an iterative social impact measurement process to ensure that the program is delivering to expected outcomes. This approach ensures that the program has every opportunity to be fit-to-purpose and formed around any shifting or unrealised expectations of the students and contributors.

We are not a charity, we are a social enterprise. Through our brand and our vision, we aim to inspire and empower schools, communities and girls to realise sustainable outcomes. Contact us for a copy of our Prospectus.

Th!s is Me launched in 2020 with a handful of volunteers and a dream to make a difference in the way women see themselves.

It was meant to be a once off event, instead it became bigger and more powerful than we could imagine. Three hundred people came to Collingwood Town Hall on International Women’s Day in 2020. Many of them moved by the stories of our models and all of them experienced something that opened their eyes in new ways.

In 2022 and beyond we wanted to replicate the transformational outcomes for women as part of this vision and idea. More than that, we want the new chapters in our story to be written through the collective efforts of all who stand behind us and with us in the journey toward self-acceptance, self-love and acknowledging our worth as women.

All funds raised through ticket sales to the Th!s is Me event are channelled to Full Circle Social Enterprises and helps to fund leadership education for underprivileged girls.
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From time to time we are fortunate to meet extraordinary humans who are doing extraordinary things. We are privileged to partner with individuals to bring their story, their message and their call to action to an audience in hope that we might leave the conversation wiser and more empowered than we came.

In 2021 we have spoken with the CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and Neetu (pictured) who is a survivor of Acid Attack and a fearless advocate for survivors of violence. All proceeds from the ticket sales of these events were directed back to the respective charities which the speakers represent.

We also funded an awareness video campaign to bring attention to the passive forms of violence particularly focusing on women from South Asian communities. You can watch the video below.
We agree with the powerful words of Martin Luther King who said ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. We would love to partner and journey with you in your quest to create awareness and ignite passion for the movement which you believe in.

Follow us on Facebook and connect with us and let’s chat about how we might we able to work together and watch our social media campaign video that focuses on creating awareness of passive forms of violence in South Asian communities.

Bias, whether deliberate or unconscious creates barriers to an inclusive and equitable society. Nobody is bias free.

Individuals and Corporations often have Gender Diversity, Disability Inclusion and Indigenous Policies however they might not have programs that address the underlying systemic and inherent biases that often inhibit people from full participation.

50 Shades of Bias creates an opportunity for organisations to raise awareness among staff members and leadership, to draw out these often hidden or unconscious biases and to start having conversations that may shift policies from rhetoric to action.

We deliver this concept to organisations that are looking for grass roots action that may enable their employees to rethink how bias may play out in their own roles and lives. We also speak about ally ship and privilege and to use these to help inform are actions and advocacy efforts.
Contact with us for more information on how this concept may benefit your workplace.